Planning Committee


Conner Suddick

Conner Suddick is a senior at Hamline University studying legal studies and social justice. He is passionate about making the legal system a tool instead of barrier for marginalized groups. He has been recognized as a 2016 University of Wisconsin James E. Jones Scholar, a 2017 Newman Civic Fellow, and a 2018 Truman Scholar by the Harry S. Truman Foundation. Conner aspires to be a public interest law researcher and social justice educator. He is the Compliance Officer of TEDxHamlineUniversity to ensure we adhere to the conditions of the TEDx license. He loves a good pomegranate.

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Gannon Larson

Howdy! My name is Gannon Larson and I am one of the board members of TEDx. I work for an organization called Hamline University Programming Board (HUPB) as the Collaborations Chair, and TEDx is one of the events that we are working with. We wanted to collaborate with this amazing group of individuals because like them, we too aim to inspire students to share their ideas and inspire others.

A wee bit about myself: I am an Education Major with a Co-Major in Chemistry. I am a Sophomore at Hamline University. When I graduate, I want to teach High School Chemistry or Middle School Earth Science.


Mohamed Mohamed

Mohamed Mohamed is a senior at Hamline University majoring in Physics and Mathematics. He is serving as the Operations Manager on the TEDxHamlineUniversity Planning Committee and is in charge of creating and maintaining the website along with overseeing on-day events. He is a part of the Undergraduate Student Congress and the University Honors Student Executive Board and represents these organizations in this collaboration.


Raie Gessesse

Raie is a first-generation college student studying Public Health and Political Science at Hamline University. She is serving as TEDxHamlineUniversity's Curation Manager and is tasked with curating a show rooted in Hamline's missions and the theme of Inspire, Empower, and Ignite. Outside of this role, Raie is deeply passionate about eliminating health disparities and achieving health equity through public policy and legal advocacy. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, Raie plans on continuing her commitment to equity, justice, and health in a lifelong career in public health. If she had the opportunity to give a TED Talk she would discuss how a revolutionary, health-equity oriented framework is vital to protect and promote the public's health in the 21st century.


Eggie Yilma

I am a Global Studies, Public Health Double Major. I am also double minoring in Non-Profit Management and Conflict Studies.

If I was to give a Ted Talk, it would be about "Deconstructing "western" hospital and clinical systems in Sub-Saharan African to fit the needs of the cultural systems that already exist."


Autumn Vagle

Hello! My name is Autumn Vagle and I am responsible for the TEDx video production. I am a junior majoring in communication studies and digital media arts, so film has been a huge passion of mine since I was young. I am thrilled to work alongside such amazing students on a project as meaningful to our community as TEDx is.